photography focused on the natural light

My name is Lana and I'm the person behind Nala Malari. I am originally from a town near the Altaj mountain range in central Asia on the border between China and Kazakhstan. As a little child I moved with my parents to Southern Germany and lived there over 20 years but last year my heart and a bunch of thirst of adventure attracted me to Norrland in northern Sweden. I am 27 years old and speak four languages: German, Russian, English and Swedish. Tea and mugs with moomins and deers on it are my loads, I swallow books like no other and worship the cold northern winter with its snow splendor and the unique sunsets. My new home is also known as the northern Riviera with a warm summer climate, beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches and with the midnight sun. It's hard to believe if you heard the ice crunching against the hull of an icebreaker a few months earlier. I'm so grateful to be here and looking forward to many knew unforgettable moments here in Sweden.



My heart is burning for nature and for photography.

An image says more than a thousand words and pictures often tell a story in a way that words can not.



Photography has always been a part of me and it was my dad that made me start shooting. He has, as long as I can remember, photographed. I have got my creative side of him. Mom, on the other hand, is the one who encouraged me to work with what I love most of all, photography. I am very romantic and nostalgic as a person and it is through the pictures from my upbringing i can remember how it looked or felt then. Maybe that's why I love to document, for example, weddings because it's such an important day to remember. Therefore, I believe in the real moments just happening every now and then, which is what I document. You choose where to photograph and of course I come up with ideas if you are unsure. Examples of photography may include: person portrait, pregnancy, concert, children & family, pets or couples.

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Click at the photos for more information and to get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you, your story. You can write me in English or German if you send me your portrait or wedding inquiry in the contact form. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!



Yes, I travel!


For all of you planning an elopement or wedding outside of Sweden, I would absolutely love to come along and be a part of it! Traveling and exploring new places is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and with that I'm get that wanderlust feeling quite so often.


I also photograph portraits and pre-weddings in whole Norrland where I live and in Umeå, Stockholm and Göteborg. Feel free to hear from you or if there is something other or you need help with and you live in Sweden, we can talk more about it over a cup of tea or hot chocolate!



Social media

I know how important the sympathy between the model and the photographer is. Let your stomach decide who's best for you and for your family and guests if you get married. I'm active on Facebook and Instagram, so you get some insight into my life, in what a person I am and what I love. If you feel I could fit you, I would be very happy about your message.